Introductory Inspirational Evening on Non-Duality

Due to popular demand Victoria Ritchie-Eckhart Tolle’s spiritual editor has agreed to give an Introductory Inspirational Evening on Non-Duality .


A great awakening is now taking place on the planet — it is a major evolutionary shift occurring for a quickly growing number of people. Eckhart Tolle’s books, THE POWER OF NOW and A NEW EARTH, have been beacons for a new kind of spiritual understanding and living, presented in a modern idiom. But along with Eckhart there are a growing number of inspiring western spiritual teachers who are offering the teachings of non- duality. These teachers have awakened to their true nature and they offer this possibility to everyone. These are radical teachings that break up all the old conditioning.


Victoria Ritchie, who has studied and practiced Non Duality for the last 14 years, will present an introductory evening on this subject. She will introduce the main teachers as well as the principal teachings of Non-Duality. Certain truths and perspectives are common to all the teachers:


•             You are already awake

•             Everything comes and goes in your life, but you remain as clear, unchanging

•             presence.

•             There is just right here, right now. Only this.

•             Problems exist in the realm of thought only.

•             There is nothing to seek.

•             The mind and what appears in thought loses its importance.

•             The separate self who we think we are is an illusion.

•             Accept whatever is arising in this moment.


Victoria Ritchie, M.A. lives in California where she is a spiritual/astrological counselor as well as an editor of spiritual books. She has assisted Eckhart Tolle in an editorial role and has also facilitated an ongoing Eckhart Tolle groups in San Francisco. Victoria has taught seminars on Eckhart’s work in Scandinavia France and the USA. She has been a close personal student of Eckhart’s as well as a student of Adyashanti.


Please bring a plate of food to share and wine or whatever you’d like to drink.


Cost: Only €40

Where: Lippman Residence,

2nd Floor, 5, Rue des Ponchettes,



Tel: +33 6 47 74 04 03

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All welcome to join us Wednesday 11th , February at 7.30pm  for an inspirational one hour talk on Shamanism and its modern relevance in contemporary culture by experienced Shaman Yanu Zsigo, followed by a pot luck dinner.

Please bring a plate of food to share.


Yanu will give a talk on the fundamental philosophy and principles of ‘ Shamanism ‘, including its relevance in contemporary culture today.

Shamanism encompasses the premise that shamans are intermediaries or messengers between the human and spirit worlds. They treat ailments and imbalances through ecstatic techniques designed to heal the soul, alleviating these traumas restoring the physical body of the individual to balance and wholeness.

Another integral aspect is communion with the Spirit world to obtain solutions to problems afflicting the community and environment, not only healing the people but bringing them into greater harmony and alignment with the natural world around them, believing that all things are imbued with soul, including, rocks, plants, animals and elements, including earth, air, fire and water etc.

The talk will include explanation of the Shamanic map, including, the origin story of Eagle Shaman, the World Tree, Upper, middle and lower worlds, Spirit helpers and shamanic tools ie, drum, rattles etc.

Y. Zsigo is a trained Shaman, Espiritista and folk magician who acts as an intermediary between the human and spirit worlds. He treats ailments/illness etc using specific techniques to heal the soul and bring about balance. He operates primarily within the spiritual realms, communing with Allies and ancestors alike, which in turn help in the restoration of balance resulting in the elimination of the ailment, problem.

He has travelled extensively training and working with Shamans, Magickians, Espiritistas and Healers from all over the world.

Hosted by Beverley Holt ,

Riviera Reiki;

Cost; 10 euros

19.30pm – 21.30pm

Please bring a plate of food to share and whatever you’d like to drink.

5, Rues Des Ponchettes, Nice.

2nd Floor, Lipman residence.

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Wellness Day

All welcome to join come for a FREE 15 minute Reiki session this Saturday January 24th from 9am until 2pm as part of Future Forms Wellness Day.

You may also experience a Thai massage or kiniesiology session plus attend any of the wellness classes.

A great way to de-stress and relax.

Wellness Day

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Meditation and Reiki practice night

Start the New Year with positive people.

Tuesday 6th, January you’re invited to a FREE  Intention meditation to set your goals in 2015  and a Reiki practice night with Beverley Holt, Dr.Usui Reiki Master and Teacher .

You will  learn about Reiki energy healing and practice feeling the  energy. A great way to invite inner peace and happiness into your life.

It will be a very interactive, experiential & fun evening.

No experience necessary- however, all levels of Reiki practitioners welcome.

We will finish the evening with a pot luck dinner. Please bring a plate of food to share and wine or whatever you’d like to drink.

Beverley has more than 25 years of experience in holistic healing & will guide you

Imagine how you would feel if you were able to switch off and have a calm peaceful mind.

She is the owner of Riviera Reiki .

What is Reiki?

It is a simple, powerful method for helping people to heal themselves and others to achieve their full potential in all aspects of life.

Young children ,pets and babies love Reiki.

Check out the benefits here.

Please rsvp:

Time: 1930 (Welcome to arrive at 1915)

Where : 5,Rue des Ponchettes, Nice.

Lipman Residence. Second floor.

Please bring a plate of food to share and wine or whatever you’d like to drink.

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Reiki Level 1 Course

January 10th and 11th  give yourself a gift that will last forever!
A gift that will help you to truly live the life that you desire.

Reiki Level 1 Course
Date: Saturday  January 7th &Sunday  8th
Time :10:00am until 16:00

Venue:  17, Blvd Carnot Nice, 06300

Cost:  ONLY €230 Includes workshop manual, refreshments & certificate.  Bring a pen + paper and a plate of food to share. Wear comfortable clothes.

Course Outline
1. History
2. Meditation
3. Experience the flow of Reiki
4. Learn self-treats
5. Practice on self and others
6. Personal Values
7. Debrief


Happy New Year Everyone.
May you all be blessed with inner peace and harmony, good health and happiness.

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Yoga-thon and World Peace Meditation

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the joint fund raising event for an orphanage project in Preeti, Nepal at Future Form on December 21st.

The day commenced with a Yogathon with Stephanie Joyce who encouraged and kept everyone enthused during the 108 sun salutations .

Yanu gave us a great history about  Winter solstice celebration . He dowsed us with sage as we entered the room so engaged us from the start.

He played a  drum and shaker during the ceremony and also chanted.

We then finished with a Beverley Holt giving a Global Reiki candle lit meditation for World Peace .

Everyone lit their own candle setting the intention for World Peace , knowing that many people around the planet were doing exactly the same thing.

‘When we meet as a collective, we join in Sanctuary’ Phyllis Furumoto.

It was a lovely evening with many people having wonderful “awakening”  and heart opening  experiences.

yoga stefanie



solstice 1


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Yoga-Thon and World Peace Meditation

On Sunday December 21st, Riviera Reiki and Future Form would like to invite you for our Xmas Celebration. Join us for some Xmas Cheer plus we have three truly uplifting and worthy events at Future Form, 6 rue Massena, Nice.  Enjoy an afternoon of relaxation and fun. Welcome to come for one or all events.


The afternoon starts at 4.30pm, with yoga teacher Stéfanie Joyce, who will lead a sequence of 108 yoga mala sun salutations. Participation in class participants will be able to join the salutations in at any time.

Stephanie decided to give up her time to raise money for Preeti Orphanage Project in Nepal, of which Stephanie is a proud and committed ambassador.

Cost: Donations (not obligatory) will go to the orphanage.


The sun salutations will be followed at 7pm with a meditation for world peace led by Beverley Holt, Reiki Master and Teacher. The meditation is actually part of a simultaneous worldwide meditation organised by the International Reiki Association, so you will be one of thousands of people across the planet simultaneously channelling all of their positive energy into a collective will for a better and more harmonious world.

No experience necessary, just an open heart for World Peace.

Listen to what one of the World’s top Peace Leaders Thich Nhat Hanh has to say about World Suffering.


We will also acknowledge our ancestors on this important day . It is the Winter Solstice. We are very lucky to have Yanu, an experienced Shaman to guide us with a special ceremony; he may surprise us with drums or shakers.


Read more about Yanu and his great work here:


What is Winter solstice?


For us in the Northern Hemisphere, the December solstice marks the longest night and shortest day of the year.


Future Form and Riviera Reiki will also make the most of this occasion to celebrate Christmas with you, so all participants can expect a festive drink and festive snack. Get to meet new like-minded people through this collaboration.


We would love to see you and your friends there in great number to show some festive yoga and Reiki love for these two fantastic causes.


Please RSVP for Yoga here:


And email: if you’re just coming to the evening event at 7pm.

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the Hay House author of the bestselling Dreams of Awakening.

December 6th, 10h00 – 17h00 at StarsnBars, Monaco.


We spend at least a third of our lives sleeping mindlessly.

We struggle to learn new things, diet, give up addictions, let go of the negative thoughts or behaviours.

Imagine consciously practising the procedure in your dream and remember and apply it when you wake up?

How good is that! Many world class athletes, successful entrepreneurs and business owners practice this technique.


What is Lucid Dreaming?

A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming.

Psychological healing, physical healing (yes, really and we even have the science to back it up!), spiritual practice, mind exploration, nightmare integration, creativity, learning, fun.

Lucid dreaming has been around for centuries but until recently has been a rare and little-understood phenomenon.

Lucid dreams can be extra-ordinarily vivid, intense, pleasurable and exhilarating. Frequently described by thousands as the most wonderful experience in their lives.


You will learn how to:

Fall asleep consciously.

Triggers to remember your lucid dream and build on.

Goal setting for success.

Adventures and exploration.

The Healing dream.

Use these added hours of lucidity to experiment and exercise your mind, you can also improve your enjoyment of your waking hours.

How you will Benefit:

Use to improve the quality and depth of your life.

Opportunity to focus on something.

Creative problem solving.

Learn lessons that could enrich the rest of your life.

Overcoming nightmares.

Dreams are the best use of our limited life span.


Cost: Only €145

(Includes a delicious lunch plus tea, coffee and snacks during the breaks)

Please RSVP:


Book and pay at





December 5th, 19h30 -21h30 at The Ellington Hotel, Nice.


In this inspirational talk Hay House author and Buddhist lucid dreaming teacher Charlie Morley explores how lucid dreaming can be of both spiritual and psychological benefit to those who practice it as part of their spiritual path.


Sourced from over 13 years of personal practice and 5 years of teaching the subject at Buddhist centres and retreats around the world, this talk will open you up to the possibility of engaging deep change while you sleep deeply. So come and learn how bringing mindfulness into all aspects of sleep and dream can lead to a profound shift in our engagement with the 30 years of our lives which most of us spend asleep!


Charlie will explore candidly his journey from hip hop performer to Buddhist lucid dreaming teacher, using humour and personal insights to highlight just how powerful lucid dreams can be for healing, psycho-spiritual growth, mind training and insight into the very nature of reality.

For a taster of what Charlie will explore in this talk check out this video:


Book and pay at


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FREE presentation on Reiki & Intention meditation with Beverley

Due to popular demand you’re invited Tuesday November 4th, to a FREE presentation on Reiki & Intention meditation with Beverley Holt, Dr.Usui Reiki Master and Teacher. 
It will be a very interactive, experiential & fun evening.

You will:-

  • Be taken on a guided meditation journey
  • Learn how to feel energy
  • Give and receive a healing
  • Invite happiness into your life

No experience necessary- however, all levels of Reiki practitioners welcome.

Beverley has more than 25 years of experience in holistic healing & will guide you. She is the owner of Riviera Reiki. 

Imagine how you would feel if you were able to switch off and have a calm peaceful mind.

What is Reiki?
It is a simple, powerful method for helping people to heal themselves and others to achieve their full potential in all aspects of life. Pets and babies love it.

Check out the benefits here.

Please bring a plate of prepared food to share and whatever you’d like to drink.

5, Rue Des Ponchettes, Nice.

06 47 74 04 03

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How to Identify & Overcome Blindspots & Blocks in Your Astrological Sign

Evening Workshop with Victoria Ritchie, M.A.

Nice, October 8, 2014

 What is it in your natal horoscope that keeps you stuck, unable to move forward, and often unhappy?

  • Each sign has its great strengths, but each sign also has its weaknesses and liabilities which remain invisible and largely unnoticed.
  • -In this evening workshop, Victoria will focus on these blocks, going through and identifying them sign by sign, showing how they can be worked with positively.
  • learn to transmute your astrological weaknesses into strengths
  •  What are factors in your astrological sign that other people don’t like, but won’t tell you?
  • Victoria 12-09-14 What keeps you from advancing to a higher level?
  •  What is your astrological ‘dark side’?
  • you will learn how to clearly identify and work with these astro ‘shadows’ to improve your life experience and use your astrological sign as a growth tool

This workshop will be full of information that can help you see yourself more clearly and live a more successful life — and it will also be fun.

  • Time:  7:30 – 10:30 (please arrive at 7.15 so we may start on time)
  • Venue:  5 rue Ponchettes, Nice
  • Fee:      40 euros


Victoria Ritchie  is an international astrologer and counselor.  She holds an M.A. degree in Psychological Counseling. She will be offering astrological readings while shies in the Nice area. You can contact her at to get more info and set up a session.

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